Little Victories “Set In Stone”

Little Victories overcame all limitations to debut with complete authenticity with their moving and dance-ready single, ‘Set In Stone’.

Bandmates Nay Shalom (vocals, keyboard), Marcus Gooda (vocals, bass), and Sam Rose (guitar) make up the rookie band who’s determined to satisfy the listeners’ emotional needs with their music. The London based alt pop band calls upon influences such as the pop rock inclined nature of The 1975, the experimental streak of Bon Iver and the electronic delicacy of duo Oh Wonder.

A true kaleidoscope of genres, Little Victories confirms their sound will be a reflection of their emotions and whatever suits the lyrics or its meaning. With the members amassing millions of views and streams with their previous work as session players and songwriters, their future as one unit is already shining brightly.

Their debut single, Set In Stone, is an easy-to-love indie track that tells the band’s passions and gives a hint as to what the rest of their career might feel and look like.

Set In Stone is a one of a kind debut. In the matter of three minutes and fifteen seconds, listeners will be able to take a peek into the band’s heart and understand the strongest desire of the identity known as Little Victories. 

The song oozes determination. This unwillingness to change who they are or what they want is an admirable trait, one people chase after and the same one a protagonist is born to have. As the circumstances and people change around them, the lead characters of this story — the members chasing their goal — have to face new challenges and obstacles in a test of their resolve. With lyrics such as “once I hit the bottom rock, and twice I swore I’d never taste that” being heard throughout the song, listeners will be able to further understand Little Victories’ emotions and the meaning of the song. 

The song is not only carried by the strength and relatability of the song. The artist’ soft and passionate vocals are quite attention-grabbing, and the contrast provided by the slightly deeper backing vocals feels fitting for a song about having a clear goal and walking towards it while being accompanied by friends. The bass, keyboards, and especially the guitar shine as well, creating a soothing and emotional companion for the words being sung.

Perhaps the story behind the feelings injected in Set In Stone is one we do not know about, but the band still manages to make people sympathize with them and root for their triumph. After overcoming the limitations born from a global pandemic, and deceitful management and labels, the three creatives are finally able to proudly show the world who they are. Just that alone is worthy of praise.

Don’t forget to stop by Little Victories’ platforms, where they will bring you emotional release and inner catharsis in just one stop.

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