Anne Bennett “Fabulous Creature”

Anne Bennett’s name is likely familiar to some of you. The Salem-based artist has released beautiful mystifying songs channeling the eerie energy of her homeplace’s past and the natural strong vitality of her personality. The blog has previously featured slow and haunting “Deep in the Shadows“, the rocking “Heavy Hand” and the ethereal and vibrant “Highway Boys“. Today, Anne Bennett returns to continue outlining her mystical and vibrant world with her newest single.

Ttitled “Fabulous Creature“, the single brings in a very strong burst of energy, making it stand out in her discography. It’s an anthemic song of self-love and -appreciation, and it shows in the growling synths running through the song along with the speedy percussion and her rocking vocals that defeat all enemies with her sheer bravery. Unstoppable, inspiring and uplifting, “Fabulous Creature” celebrates Anne Bennett for who she is today, and calls the listeners to embrace themselves with all the flaws. Only that way you can fully love yourself and feel as unstoppable and strong as the single.

Listing Siouxsie and the Banshees, Kate Bush, Lana Del Rey and PJ Harvey among others as Bennett’s inspirations, one can clearly hear the influences in her songs. Besides that, it’s the haunting and all-encompassing flow of mystic passion Anne Bennett has tamed, just a little bit, making her songs so captivating and inviting for repeated journeys. Holding the listeners on tiptoes, the dark magic-filled worlds full of powerful messages are waiting. May it be the highly relevant and empowering celebration of “Fabulous Creature” or something else from the artist’s repertoire, there is something for everyone to explore and immerse in!

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