Jesse Grossi’s new track invites us to take a stand against the programmed BS feeding anger and hate. “Push The Hate Aside” is a Pop influenced, Indie-Rock track with vibrant melodies and a catchy beat that focuses on love, strength, and the will to not give up. Listen now!

Our good Los Angeles friend is back once again with yet another excellent track. After the release of his previous singles: Last Call, Bad Guy, and Broken, Jesse continues in his musical endeavour with a track that captures all of his well-known good vibes and uplifting spirit.

Drifting away from the ladies, the personal themes and the reggae-infused rhythms, “Push The Hate Aside” aims at the unity of people, standing together as one, an idea very much needed today. With an Indie-Rock attitude and even Hip-Hop beats, the single is a melodious, bouncy, and daring feat by the solo artist.

Jesse believes that we are much stronger together and perfectly able to make a difference, just as he portrays it in the single’s music video. Lyrics invite us to look one another in the eyes and stop hating on us just because somebody says so.

I had a very cool and interesting Q&A with Jesse, and I could feel the man’s good vibe and positivity! You can read it right here! Only in Less Than 1000:

1.- Your songs’ themes seem to be developing from party anthems, to personal experiences, and now to more cultural and social themes. Was this intentional?

Ya it’s been an interesting journey to say the least, it’s definitely intentional i always try and challenge myself to create new experiences to write about, i also want to grow and not continue to write about the same thing over and over.

2.- As a musician, what would you say inspires you the most?

Well I’m definitely inspired by other music but the thing that truly inspires me is the joy and love i feel when creating a song. I found that music gives me purpose as well as perception that allows me to be a better person!

3.- Would you care to tell us more about your song writing process?

Absolutely my song writing process is pretty basic I guess, I usually start with the music and then let the lyrics and melodies flow into place naturally. I kinda have a no rules attitude so I don’t feel confined to create.

4.- Are there any plans for an album or EP?

Absolutely I’m in the process of releasing album 3, I’ve been releasing my albums 1 single per month to give me more longevity and content. I’m about to go into the studio and record vocals to album 4 i have 10 new songs that will be ready for the summer.

5.- Anything else you’d like to add:

I just want to thank you for this amazing opportunity as well as all the fans that have shown me love and support!!! I hella appreciate all y’all, 1 love and VIVA LA MÚSICA

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