Mass Experience “Rise Up”

Imagine a song that feels smooth and liquid like an exciting cocktail served at your favourite nightclub, and while you drink it, you see images on the walls depicting the greats, part of an explosion of dance music. This sort of flavorful sound is what Mass Experience are very good at, and they are back with a new single that brings forth exactly this sort of nostalgic and ecstatic feeling.

Titled “Rise Up“, the new single sports moody synth line that gives the atmosphere a strong trip-hop feeling, while the hazy percussion brings forth the glory of breakbeat. Chopped up vocoder vocals sound like a distorted signal originating from the time electronic dance music exploded in popularity and everyone started exploring the wonders of synthesizers. Those form a pleasant contrast with the airy vocals of Katie, flowing through the multicolored atmospheres and weaving magic, nostalgia and a twinge of longing into the song.

““Rise Up” is a liquid dance track that ebbs and flows with a sensuality that encapsulates Mass Experience’s desire to project songs of positivity and love even if the subject matter may be dark.”

Mass Experience

“Rise Up” is the first single released from Mass Experience’s upcoming album. It’s the second album for the duo, following their debut album “Sitting With Demons“, a release that explored the woes of being stuck in uncomfortable feelings. The new release, “Pleasure and Purge” came to be after a devastating time in the artist’s life, but instead of sulking, it’s a fighting album determined to find joy and pick up the shattered pieces again. There’s a generous amount of magic that has been weaved into “Rise Up”, capable of sweeping away all dark clouds, and that healing atmosphere invites to be explored and experienced, and that single offers a great look into what the album will be like.

Mass Experience is an electronic music project led on by an Aussie duo Katie M. Little and Timothy Poulton. It was the love for electronic dance music and emerging technological wonders that sparked their minds with creativity and brought them together. Iconic 90s Sydney rave parties, thoroughly infused with inspiring breakbeat records, designing flyers and label artwork for the scene as self-taught graphic designers, the two became an integral part of the scene, and the whole baggage continues to inspire and influence the sound of Mass Experience even today. You can feel the excitement in the synth-infused beat-driven music, bubbling with the hard-to-contain ethereal feeling when Katie’s magical vocals come in and the synth chords fly through reverberant atmospheres.

This is refined electronica music at its best and Mass Experience show that even after all these years they are quite comfortable to be leading from the front.

Aside of the debut album I previously mentioned, the duo have also released “The Way It Makes Me Feel“, a single that was featured on the blog back in 2021.

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