Wild Fire “When It Wasn’t”

Is it love or is it just you thinking it’s love? Can’t really tell, until something inside starts questioning the lack of strong loving feelings towards that person. When you no longer feel anything when you receive a message from the person, it’s probably a sign it’s gone. It definitely is also a sign to check out this new single for it touches that exact topic and does it in that fresh youthful way only Wild Fire can!

Wild Fire is a pop duo of two sisters Kayla and Kelli Iutzwig. The sparkling duo gain inspiration from life, particularly love and relationships, and they create songs that are heavily relevant and carry a strong feeling of energy akin to young people with unlimited energy resources. Speaking of that, the sisters seem to be the perfect representation – they’re still in their teens, yet have a whole slew of songs and even an EP out. Among them “Like Home” and “What If We Never Met“.

Their newest single “When It Wasn’t” is also a song of love, more particularly the curious lack of it. The song opens up with smooth plucks and a confession that the character of this story no longer feels the love she used to feel. The confession is presented in the most simple and honest way, and then proceeds into a powerful rocking statement that she is through with him. The story began thinking it was love, and now it’s blatantly clear that it wasn’t, and all the flaws that may have contributed in her inability to have any warm feelings for him have also become clear.

So even if it may be saddening to think that there was no love to begin with and you may have been a fool the whole time, “When It Wasn’t” also perks you up with a strong burst of energy, helping to see it as a lesson and to move on. Hold your head high and carry on!

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