Damien’s new album is a collection of Electro-rock infused tracks with dark and heavy overtones that combine sexual, political, and cultural themes, creating a complete and interesting work of art that keeps us hooked all the way through.

Today is the day the wait is over guys! Damien’s new album is here and we invite you to listen to right away and join the Australian artist on the celebration of its release. It’s been a long 12 months since Damien started working on the album, but finally “Wrong Age, Wrong Race, Wrong Gender” will reach its culmination and see the light of day!

The album will include Damien’s latest releases such as Love Myself, Human, and 2 Out Of 10, but also four completely new tracks that continue the Australian artist’s vision through personal and social experiences. Themes such as sexuality and the criticism of culture are present in this Darkwave collection of tracks that blend elements of industrial, rock, pop and metal.

“The album title is a criticism of how cultures have often given preference to people based on things outside of their control, such as race, age and gender. At any given time in history there has been a (usually self-appointed) idealized group based on race or age etc and a despised group.

I have experienced both sides of that divide, at relatively minor levels, during my life, but enough to feel a great degree or angst towards the injustice this creates. The songs included on this album are all tracks that wrestle with my own feelings of inadequacy, despair and coming to grips with who I am, even if that is not desirable at a social level.” – DAMIEN

New tracks like Porn Star, a track that criticizes the continual sexualization of society; Melbourne Afternoon, a deeply personal reflection on the artist’s own suicidal thoughts and the need to keep going with a strong Marilyn Manson influence; and Body, probably the most Pop track in the album thanks to its Depeche Mode influence, exploring the various levels of desire and intimacy that comes though
relationships; will be available to listen in Damien’s most recent revelation.

Possibly the track that will shock the listeners the most is closing track, Dreamer, a sweet/melancholic theme of acoustic melodies that transports the listener into a profound state of mind, where doubt and fear are ultimately overcome in an thunderous finale…


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