An Indie-Pop track that invites us to dance with its mellow groove. “Pessimism” carries a soft vibe that makes us sway despite its heavy lyrics. Changing and evolving with time, this track from the Nashville artist grants a healthy antidote to heartbreak.

Lee Trent, a very hard working live and session musician based in Nashville, Tennessee, has brought to our attention his brand new single, a follow up to his previous release “Optimism“. Clearly a planned feat of the artist, this contrasting titles are musically and thematically opposites.

Pessimism” parts ways with the electronica elements that decorate its brother, and instead presents an acoustic guitar carried by a Latin beat and a fretless bass, giving the track a loose sensation and a tropical vibe.

Inspired by Wilco, Thundercat, and Radiohead, Lee Trent likes to write all of his music, usually working with session musicians he knows well. He has performed as a sideman with multiple acts at festivals like Roo Refugee, Front Porch Fest, and many venues across the states. And, just to finish to acclaim this man’s achievements, Trent has worked with Pat Sansone (Wilco), Michael Klooster (Smash Mouth), John Mailander (Bruce Hornsby, Billy Strings), and many others!

This single is about a man that is experiencing problems with his significant other, so they leave him and it puts him in a very dark state of mind feeling pessimistic. But, despite the saddening lyrics, it actually feels very smooth, presenting a very interesting approach to the genre.

“I like to release a variety of different songs and be unpredictable so that I can keep my listeners on the edge of their seats! ‘Optimism’ is a song with a Summer time vibe that was released in the Winter, ‘Pessimism’ is a song with a Winter time feel being released in the Summer!”

– Lee Trent

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