SYNEYE “Red Wine”

Dark, cinematic and heavy with emotion, “Red Wine” is a vivid story that found its height in the dramatic feelings. It’s also the third single of SYNEYE, who returns to shake the listeners with her powerful full-colored electronica.

SYNEYE is the stage name of Morgane Matteuzzi, an electronic music producer living in Swiss Berlin. Her name is a fun combination of the words “synesthesia” and “eye”, giving credit to how much this condition has influenced and inspired Matteuzzi’s music. Electronic music feels the brightest in the eyes of her mind, and for the same reason she creates electronica that floods and flows with an enveloping cascade of beautiful synth chords and her evocative vocals. Spacious atmospheres laced with magic and sheer power, the artist has previously stunned listeners and us with singles “In My Shadow” and “If I Fall“. Her new single continues being as stunning whilst introducing a previously unseen side of the artist.

The single, “Red Wine” comes as a emotional and moody electronic power ballad speaking the story of the artist’s best friend. Born out of a productive allnighter with said friend after suddenly deciding to write a song together, the single holds a strong nocturnal sheen over the dramatic and dark emotions present in the lyrics of staggering honesty. “Red Wine” is also an epitome of strength and overcoming what had previously been a breaking force, and the powerful notion is carried beautifully by the vocals and the cascading string-like sounds. It’s a beautiful anthemic piece.

If you love ballads, “Red Wine” is a must-listen. The evocative electronic production makes it an incredible shimmering experience that really lets you feel the weight of emotions the song is about.

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