Damn Renegades – Excelsior (EP)

Damn Renegades put the pedal to the metal in their masterfully crafted new EP! Excelsior is an explosive experience of heavy bangers. A mixture of thrash, metal, and rock, all brought together to create a fantastic sound of dystopian features. LISTEN NOW!

Guys, if you’re fans of heavy music and ear-blasting genres you better keep reading. Today we have a sensational piece of work by this young guys from Philadelphia, USA. After releasing their previous singles Consience and Forest Fire, the American trio now returns with the power of a nuclear bomb ready to strike our senses.

“This EP packs a huge punch with energy and overall sound quality, you’ll want to jump on your couch and headbang to our newest tunes!” – DR

Influenced by bands like Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Megadeth, and Smashing Pumpkins, the Philly musicians managed to create music that sounds both fresh and classic at the same time. With unique guitar riffs as sick as their tone, the power that these guys deliver is one hell of a melting ride.

Kicking off with “Blitzed”, their professional sound is immediately presented with tight drums and a ravaging bass. Vocals are on point with Rock N Roll influences, choirs rise as a heavenly force smiting down with resolution and awe.

Continuing with “Silver Sinking Sand”, the band continues with the rock and roll influences with a sound and composition that reminded me of Alter Bridge, or even Stone Temple Pilots. The guitar riffs in this one are just mental, as heavy as any metal band. Of course, there are shredding solos! Do I sense a little Kirk Hammet influence?

The main goal of this record was to take more time and really focus on the overall quality. We feel these songs hold up to our previous material if not even more so.” – DR

There are still three songs left for you to discover, and I promise you, you’ll love all of them. From the Nirvanaesque riffs of “Skinwalkers”, to the aggressive Punk Rock attitude of “Red and Blue”, and the finishing blow of “Parasite”, this EP is nothing less than extraordinary and really brings new cards to the table. So hit that play button right now!

“Excelsior” was recorded at Studio North in Philadelphia Pennsylvania by Zach Brown. You can see each song represented on this EP’s artwork. Each song is in its own realm of thought, but they all converge

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