Tough On Fridays – “Overboard!”

Tough On Fridays returns with all their anthemic power and empowering vocals in their brand new three-track EP! “Overboard!” is an outstanding interaction of Grunge, Alternative Rock and Pop, blasting away with overflowing amounts of energy and first-class lyricism. LISTEN NOW!

Hey guys! I’m really excited about this release for it absolutely slams. This Rock and Roll ladies are on a roll and wasting no time delivering masterful recordings. This EP is such a blast, the only negative thing about it is that it’s too damn short! Luckily we have more Tough On Fridays’ music available on platforms, so today let’s focus in these bangers!

After releasing their past singles Cabin Fever, and Lush (Reimagined) (which closes this EP), the Texan-based rockers leaded by singer/songwriter Caleigh are leading the way towards their full-album release in November. “Overboard!” includes two original tracks and one cover of Basement’s “Covet”. All three tracks are an absolute rampage of musicianship and a true display of masterful craft.

Opening up with the title track “Overboard!”, their first original release since last year’s Cabin Fever, we are presented with what I’d assume are some Pixies influences mixed with Paramore’s wailing vocals. Very exciting and very unique, this track show just how far Tough On Fridays has come with their pristine production and top-notch recording.

You can expect a wall of sound of guitars that wander from delivering ambience to full-throttle riffs. Huge slamming drums; powerful, nasty basses, and of course, Caleigh’s wonderful singing.

Basement’s cover is a worthy homage for the English Grungers, and Lush (Reimagined), well, is simply just a great way to end an EP. So lose no more time and hit that play button, you won’t regret it, I promise!

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