Ellery Twining – “The Day Jeff Buckley Died”

Twining turns fate into poetry in this spoken-word, acoustic guitar single. “The Day Jeff Buckley Died” is an artistic representation of a fatidic day that leaves us with a sense of wonder under its chilled, laid-back atmosphere. LISTEN NOW!

Few men possess the skill to portray life using simple words. Yet less, mix poetry and music in such a smooth way. Rich Freitas, AKA Ellery Twining, is one of them. Using simple verse lines, Twining achieves a poeticized vision that’s unique and timeless.

Taken from his latest album “Revenge“, this is his second single review, following his first single Weatherall. Hosting 9 songs, his album is a collection of acoustic guitars and mostly spoken-word, all with an easy vibe. A drummer by nature, Twining knew he hadn’t the voice to carry a whole album, but he could use his poetry to blend it with his music.

For those of you who don’t know, Jeff Buckley was an other-worldly artist who sadly passed away at a very young age (30 yo). He drowned in the Mississippi river during a spontaneous evening swim, fully clothed, caught by the wake of a passing boat.

Ellery captures the moment, giving it a poetic turn with a few simple lines: and he heard the sound / and he heard the river / he walked into the water. He also makes reference to an unknown party speaking to Jeff in: “you may have written these songs, that people come to hear / but the audience, that’s our song.”

Using no more and no less than an acoustic guitar, drums, bass and keys, Twining creates an hypnotizing ambience. His lyrics might not come through as obvious, which is what gives this song its sense of wonder. What Twining is actually speaking about we might never know, but it does leaves it open to our own interpretation.

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