Kaysien – Portals

Kaysien is a multi-instrumentalist with an inclination to mysticism and lots of groove. In his latest single “Portals”, the London-based musician sings about life’s continuous flow and how we are supposed to keep on changing in order to move forward. LISTEN NOW!

After releasing his last single, Bcrow, Kaysien returns with more groove than ever before. Working as a follow up to his 10 part journey crafted over 2 years, “Portals” is the final installment to Kaysien’s BC Chronicles.

Using elements of jazz, funk, and blues, this track is a brilliant masterpiece of funky rhythms and incredible musicianship. Playing every instrument in the track; including drums, bass, piano, guitars and voice; Kaysien establishes himself as a true master of his craft.

“For this track, I wanted to generate a feeling of defiant energy, playful belligerence and a sense of respect for life”

“Portals” is as infectious as it is innovative. The quality of the composition is something to admire, and the choice of instruments is spot on. From the tight drum kit, to the quivering synths, we are spoiled with silky textures and wide atmospheres, a collection of sounds both sweet and enticing to the ear.

Kaysien was tired of the annoying sense of stagnation he was feeling, maybe because of the lockdowns and all its restrictions. He is a believer that life must carry on, and we as humans evolve with it to achieve our greatest potential. Such are the lyrics to “Portals”.

“Collectively I feel we are being pushed and pulled in directions mostly against our will and with no true conclusion to this modern saga in sight I wrote this song to relieve a sense of stagnation, to reaffirm the fact that life is change and that our internal worlds can be much different to the grim realities of the material. It is a counterpoint to depression.” – Kaysien

Maybe you’ve heard of Kaysien before, or maybe this is the first time. Either way, this track should leave a mark in your subconscious about the amazing work of this Londoner. So, do hit that play button!

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