mUmbo – “Don’t Even Mind The Rain”

This is one of those tracks that create the perfect vibe for a rainy afternoon. A sweet & sour composition with a mellow vibe, cheering you up through its positive spirit. Listen now!

Don’t Even Mind The Rain” is mUmbo’s third release so far this year. The British Alt Rock band created by Doug MacGowan and Emma Semple initially used beats to create their drums, but recently the duo has joined forces with the Italian-based virtuoso drummer Antonio Dalé to bring up a much more organic feel to their music.

This single is a “keep your head up” kind of track. A relaxed feel and a steady groove are the main characteristics. mUmbo made use of a wide variety of instruments, from arpeggiated guitars, all the way to soft violins. The result is a bittersweet country-tinged rock ballad that leaves a very good taste in the mouth.

Emma’s vocals are soft, almost whispered in the verses, and with a graceful glide in the choruses that elevates the listener to a blissful state of appreciation. Lyrics explore the themes of hope, love, and regret, bringing up what mUmbo describes as a quiet optimism and a bright sadness.

Antonio’s drumming is simple but spot on, doing exactly what he has to lay that supportive groove in the rhythm section. The ambience created by Doug is a colorful expression of strings, gifting the track with a melodious dance, warming up the mood while leaving space for Emma’s harmonized vocals.

Home studio recorded by the band, Doug and Emma recorded in the UK, and Antonio recorded from his studio on Lake Garda in Italy. Expectedly, this required a lot of takes and a lot of emails for all of them to be happy. “This was challenging but very rewarding.”, mUmbo adds. We drank a lot of wine!.

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‘For this single and our next few planned releases we had been talking a lot about wanting to incorporate live drums as opposed to beats and samples. Bringing such a great drummer as Antonio on board has added a whole new soulful dimension and natural feel to our sound.’

Emma Semple & Doug MacGowan

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