Voodoo Bloo – “The Blessed Ghost”

This album is a brilliant representation of what self discovery is all about. 12 Indie/Alternative Rock tracks that shine with a youthful desire to overcome life and our own mental demons. “The Blessed Ghost” is Voodoo Bloo’s most ambitious work of art yet. You just can’t miss it.

OUT NOW (RD: 15/07/22)

Alright guys, if you’re into Indie and Alternative music that makes you feel nostalgic and empowered, this album will satisfy all your needs. The good boys from Voodoo Bloo have at last set a release date for their sophomore album “The Blessed Ghost” and it is a sight to see… or, listen. You get what I mean!

It is powerful, dynamic, and brutally honest. An imaginary concept album that turned out to be reality, with songs that pierce into the heart like a sharp blade, and energy that lifts us from the ground and shakes off our demons.

As I mentioned above, 12 tracks of pure ecstasy and melancholy blended together. Including their previous singles Skin and Small (which by the way is maybe my favorite track), “The Blessed Ghost” was intended to be about an imaginary perfect partner for lead singer / songwriter Rory. Someone so perfect for him that he would always have his soulmate in his songs. That is until he came upon an odd realization.

This fictional person was just everything that I did not like about myself, in all ways shapes and forms I’d started to write about my own demons and they were glaring at me, and that’s when I finally figured out what The Blessed Ghost was.

This album turned out to be not about a young adult trying to make his way through life, or a love interest, or even about loss. It is instead all about self discovery; a true mirror into the artist’s soul about all the things he didn’t like about himself, and how he can become better.

Starting with track 1 “The Blessed Ghost (Younger Then)” we are immediately presented with an intimate recording of Rory’s voice, opening himself up with the support of church-like organs and other interloping voices. Soon an acoustic guitar and Rory’s voice begin to play.

“The Blessed Ghost” is truly a roller coaster or emotions. Going through the imposing spirit of “Pursuit”, to the savage imprint of “We’re Here, Love is Somewhere Else”, to the lower, softer melodies of “Rhubarb & Custard”, this album leaves nothing unsaid.

The contrast between tracks like “Default”, “Skin”, and “For Asterisk” really show the variety of influences Voodoo Bloo has, and their ease to move around genres. Track 11, “The Blessed Ghost (Older Now)” is disputing place #1 for My favorite song against “Small”. Two brilliant tracks!

For all intents and purposes, I am The Blessed Ghost, or more importantly was The Blessed Ghost, a true mirror image of not only everything I disliked about myself, but a guide as to how I can better myself every day of my life, for as long as I can hear this album, I will be glad in knowing that I have come so far and done so much.

– Rory (Voodoo Bloo)

In summary, this album will make you feel lots and lots of stuff as you listen through it. An outstanding exhibition of musicianship, and a reminder that we can always be better, we can always step up and out of that black cloud. All it takes is to face ourselves. OUT NOW.

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