Sharl- “I Fell In Love”

Australian singer-songwriter has released an exciting new music video in celebration of her newest album! “I Fell In Love” is the lead single of City Lights. It is an emotional journey of self-reflection of a relationship that did more harm than good through a melancholic pop/trap song. A music video that features a visual representation of the music and lyrics was released alongside the single, in which we see Sharl in an array of surreal, yet recognizable environments. “I Fell In Love” proves to be a strong release to hype up the album!

“I Fell In Love” and its music video is essential for new and old fans alike, LISTEN NOW to Sharl’s debut album City Lights!

Sharl has been building a name for herself since the beginning of her career. Since then, she has released a steady array of singles which we have featured in our blog such as “That Girl”“Games”“3 Words”, and “Darker Than Midnight”. She has built a sound that is instantly recognizable and personal. If you have not had a chance to listen to her music, we are pleased to tell you that “I Fell In Love” is the perfect entryway for new fans. Her first music video shows just how deep is her sound by representing it in a visual form. It was filmed in Canberra and shot by George Tsotsos.

“I Fell In Love” may seem initially a dark track, mainly due to its themes and atmosphere. A trap pop, synth heavy harmonic section captures its essence as Sharl sings her recount of an abusive relationship. But not everything is hopeless: In the chorus, as well as in some moments during the verses, lyrics and conclusion, we can see a light through the dark clouds. The music becomes hopeful. We realize that not everything has to be the way it is, that things can change, that there is a way out by acknowledging past mistakes. The music video perfectly captures this by visual metaphors that represent moments of freedom, of magic that drive us away from everyday life into a better place, that we just need to find in ourselves.

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