Tough On Fridays- “Growing Pains”

American band Tough On Fridays explores new directions with their newest single “Growing Pains“! A calm, nostalgic track about memories, past relationship and the difficulties of leaving them behind, that packs just the emotional punch. A track to remember, a track to enjoy and one you shall not miss out on!

Tough On Fridays is made up of Caleigh (guitar/vocals), Carly (bass/vocals) and studio/touring drummer Chris Schreck. In their five years of career, they have released the LP A Fantastic Way to Kill Some Time, the upcoming The Encore You Didn’t Ask For. In this year alone, they have released the singles “Lush Reimagined” and “Overboard!”. They have been known for their grunge sound with musical and emotional strenght. With “Growing Pains” the band shows they are not afraid of experimenting with the limits of their sound. While they maintain their electric sound, they expand their genre into folk-rock/electric country. The result is an exciting track with a personal touch that guarantees you will hear something completely new.

“Growing Pains” looks back to a relationship. As such, the music and the lyrics make us experiment a feeling of nostalgia characteristic of folk rock: a bittersweet memory that remains on our soul, even though time has passed and we want to live it behind. “Am I bitter/ Or am I better?” asks the lyrics. The remembrance of the past, however, is not treated in an idyllic manner. We see behind us so that we can look forward to the road ahead of us. Tough On Fridays recognize their freedom, what is means to let go of something. It is evident in the conclusion of the track, as they are not afraid to completly transform their sound into something new, into an explosion of emotion.

“Growing Pains” by Tough On Fridays may be a departure of the usual sound the band is known for, but it shows how their talent extends into other genres and how they can successfully create an emotional track that is also a banger from beginning to end! Guaranteed: if you are a new fan or old fan, you will hear something new, personal and emotional. Make sure to check it “Growing Pains” out!

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