Sharl “City Lights”

Searchers looking for fresh pop music shall have plenty of reasons to rejoice today. Perhaps some of more avid blog-readers remember the name Sharl, the Australian singer-songwriter. Well, this youthful, promising and very busy Australian pop artist is now ready to introduce you all to her newest piece of work – a full-length release!

Titled “City Lights“, the album follows a string of singles Sharl has released previously, including “Darker than Midnight“, “That Girl“, “I Fell In Love“, “Games” and “3 Words“. Four of those singles are actually part of the album, joining the package of 10 songs total and bringing forth the world as it was for Sharl in the middle of back-to-back lockdowns in Melbourne. Thus, as expected from someone who’s been stuck for months observing as life as she knew it became a thing of the past, it’s a very introspective release. There are deep looks into the upsides and failures of relationships and dating, thoughtful and rebellious songs about societal problems experienced as a woman, as well as stories stemming from her experiences connected to her past record label deal, and many more.

Sound-wise, the album keeps a diverse flow. When the lyrics touch a turbulent note, there are some sweet rocking guitar riffs to back that up, and the more quiet pondering moments are framed by calmer indie-pop. Sharl’s voice has a lovely sheen to it, bringing in a bit of that innocent purity to the defiant and strong nature of her lyrics and playing well in harmony with the colorful production. There are influences of trap adding modern spark to some of the songs while her carefully executed vibrato holds the essence of some timeless recordings from way back (Buffy Sainte-Marie comes to mind), making “City Lights” a truly pleasurable listening experience for all who love the classics and the modern sound.

Universal by themes and deeply personal by sound, Sharl’s new LP pays homage to the artist’s growth both as a musician as well as a person and brings forth a load of beautifully crafted understanding thoughts that inspire and influence.

City Lights” is out now!

If you enjoyed Sharl’s music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out her official website. For social media you can follow her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok accounts. To listen to her music, you can head over to her Spotify profile, Soundcloud, Youtube channel.

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