S J Denney’s Mind-Altering Moods

The highly active and dynamic singer/songwriter S J Denney of Essex, United Kingdom has a way of keeping listeners on their toes. Since 2015, Denney has been writing and releasing music regularly. Clearly an artist with the creative juices always flowing, his new EP is entitled, “The Moods That Follow” is scheduled to release on October 21st. It consists of two previously singles that we’ve also covered here on #LT1KF: “A Silent Scream”, and “I Don’t Know If This Changes Things?” totaling what is to be a 4-track EP…. or is it?? Muhahahaha! More on that cryptic musing a little later.


If you’re familiar with Denney’s most recent work, such as “All I’ve Ever Known” and “4 Reasons To Fly,” then you generally have an idea of what to expect in regards to “Beatle-esque” contemporary yet experimental compositional arrangements, infused with introspective lyricism and melody. Influences that Denney credits to early-age discovery of Beatles and Neil Young records. My first impressions upon hearing his music is that I pick up on some Phil Collins vibes, although not listed by Denney as a direct influence. Indeed, Denney’s sound and approach is signature, but if I were to tease out contrast between “The Moods That Follow” to “4 Reasons to Fly” I would point out that “Moods,” as I’ll refer to it, is very much as the title indicates. It’s “moodier.” Somber at times. The first track on the EP, “The Art of the Possible” has a super tasty string arrangement at the bridge that definitely invokes sentimental feelings. Definitely a mind bender, as it’s about someone contemplating how their dreams and aspirations impact their personal relationship with others.

The next two are tracks on the EP are the standing singles promoting this release. “A Silent Scream” continues a somber tone reflecting on outward facing happiness amidst internal struggle and conflict. “Moods” then slides right into “I Don’t Know if This Changes Things,” which in my opinion is the stand out track on the EP, or perhaps a close second to the opening track. The chorus is very catchy on this one, and as with literally ever song on the EP it features a multitude of instruments of all kinds including a flugelhorn and koto.

And with that, the EP finales with a magical mystery tour that is “In The Dying Light,” an Indian-inspired song, heavily centered around the sitar, reminiscent of what you’d hear hear from “Revolver/Pepper” era George Harrison songs. “Moods” ends on the heavy subject matter of immortality and what happens spiritually after we were are “in the dying light.”

Oh wait, I promised you a clarification, didn’t I? On that little cliffhanger at the beginning. Well, in classic S J Denney fashion, there is a secret track 42 seconds after “In The Dying Light” resonates out. I love that. I remember some of my most favorite albums having easter eggs like that at the very end of the album. “Sgt. Pepper,” “Nevermind,” “Dookie,” “Purple” etc. No spoilers here though, other than Denney appears to be self-aware of the heavy vibe that is “The Moods That Follow,” and named the secret track “On a Lighter Note.” Outside of that, I implore you to listen for yourself and take the journey!


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