Monroe Moon – “¡Get up!”

People cope with grief in a multitude of ways behaviorally. Mentally and physically, we are pretty familiar with what that looks like/feels like. However, behaviorally we experience some variation, and it makes a good bit of sense why. We as individuals have varying personal experiences that steer it. For the dark synth, indie pop duo “Monroe Moon,” their latest single dabbles in that behavioral spectrum. It’s nothing out of the ordinary to reach for pen and paper to hash out artistic muse when you are feeling despair, but for Bunny Monroe, the vocalist, keyboardist, and lyricist of the duo, she couples it with self-deprecating dark humor on their latest single, “¡Get Up.”

With a Spotify bio that reads “Dark, cerebral, and poetic lyrics that swim in ethereal guitar,” one should already have a palate, so to speak, for Monroe Moon’s approach to experimental pop with a dash of edginess. And you should be familiar, as we’ve covered a few of their releases here on #LT1KF before. However, there is some contrast with the new track “¡Get Up!” in comparison to previously released singles. “Glad To Exist,” for example, is more upbeat synth wave, still some cheeky sense of humor lyrically, and a bit brighter with “sha la la” backing vocals. “New Utopia” is closer I’d say, in “darkness.” An ominous piano progression and a tastefully strummed acoustic guitar makes that one seem Radiohead-adjacent, and “War,” while being a forward facing protest song for a dark subject matter, is more anthemic than dark sounding per se with “na na na na’s” carrying parts of that tune. While I wouldn’t say that makes Monroe Moon “sunshine and lollypops” or anything, what I am saying is that “¡Get Up!” does embodies the “dark” sensibility described in their bio more. The very first line of the song is:

“Life is so beautiful I want to die, maybe I should try. I am so horrible.”

Well, that certainly sets a tone, doesn’t it? Clearly this track is of a much more personal connection. Which, in my opinion, always makes for the best art. It seems like to me, whenever you stumble upon an artist’s work in their catalog that is that deep of a personal connection, that’s when you sometimes find the most remarkable work. It almost “stuns” you. That’s kind of what you are getting with this track from Bunny Monroe and Theo Malkin this time around. From what they’ve stated publicly so far, the meaning of the song is “deeply personal and the exact details of inspiration are not for public consumption,” which makes the track all the more compelling, and at the same time, has me feel a great deal of sympathy for the artist. I wish them both the best, and am grateful that their expression is therapeutic and that they were gracious enough to share it with the word. To quote Bunny, the song is:

A stream of consciousness on pain & loss threaded with self deprecating humor from the perspective of both the one feeling despair and one speaking to a dear one who is in its depths.

In closing I will say that this duo’s project reminds me of a show I saw recently, put on by AViVA. It’s amazing, the power of music these days, to output sound so powerful with just two people.

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