Inspiring, chilling, hopeful. This brand new track takes us by the hand and elevates us above the stormy clouds with its euphoric energy. “New Utopia” is a must, perfect for a cloudy day. LISTEN NOW!

What’s going on guys, it’s your boy MadZen and today we’ll be reviewing this new single by a couple of musical love birds called Monroe Moon. First of all, welcome back, I hope y’all doing well and enjoying yourselves. Now, onto the track!

Guitarist Theo Malkin met singer Bunny Monroe in Grand Rapids, MI in March 2010. One day was all it took for Theo to fly back to England, sell his house and all his belongings, later to fly Bunny and himself to NYC to elope the first of that June. Talk about love at first sight!

“10 years later, silently, fireside, his heart asked hers to make music and her heart said, “Yes.”

Hence, Monroe Moon was born, and thanks to a long overdue visit from Theo’s brother, Warren Malkin (lyricist), “New Utopia” came to be. It is an absolutely brilliant track, atmospheric, evolving, and with a certain mysticism behind it. Almost with a trip-hop attitude, this song feels fresh, original, and very addictive.

Bunny’s vocals are just something else, like a pulling force that glues your ears to the speakers. A simple instrumentation of electronic drum beats, acoustic guitars and mellow pads are all they needed to create this surrounding atmosphere of dark and bright emotions.

I mean, there are two clear main energies dancing against each other, achieved by the simple yet effective transitions between minor and mayor chords. Smooth and chilled, this track dwells between bitter and sweet melodic enthusiasm. Lyrics talk about when you lose someone to ideas instead of to another lover. In resume, it’s a great track, one that we’ll surely keep on listening to, so LISTEN NOW!

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