One and a Half Dog – “Catch 22”

This is an amazing track with lots of progressive elements that invite for contemplation and appreciation. “Catch 22” blends Classic Rock with Progressive Metal to create a beautiful, majestic, Prog Rock track.


What’s going on guys! Welcome back. It’s your loyal servant, MadZen, and today we have a pretty cool new track perfect for all you Hard Rock lovers. Brought to us by these fine Norwegian gentlemen, this track surrounds us with soothing melodies and explosive riffs. Let’s get to it!

If you don’t remember OAAHD, or One and a Half Dog (previously featured last year on the blog with their track “Shine”), they are a 5-piece of well-grown musicians (age 44-56) with a common interest in quality rock-music. Initially they created the project for themselves back in 2017. The plan was to write and record enough good songs for them to listen to when retired, but soon they realised that more people enjoyed what they were doing. Their first single “Fire In The Hole” has garnered over 100k streams on Spotify alone!

“Catch 22” is their newest single and it is a damn good one. With influences coming all around from the 70s, up to acts of today as Rival Sons and Tool, this new track holds a solid classic root, with the explorative freedom of modern Progressive. The result is an epic track with clean and distorted guitars come together with a vibrant drum, a solid bass, and an outstanding vocal performance.

The theme of the track is about a future war on artificial intelligence and the restart of the human race. Kind of a Matrix theme. Deep vocals open up the verses, while clean and echoing guitars play in the background. The song rapidly progresses into a big, magnetic musical experience where machine and man come together. War rages. Humanity rises. Will we fall back again?

The name of the band “One and a half Dog” has its explanation. A couple of the band members are dog owners. The lifetime of a dog is about 10 years and when we first got together and planned for our “retirement-album” we decided to give ourselves 15 years to finish the album. During the discussion our singer Dag Aure said: “15 years… that’s about one and a half dog” We all looked at each other and laughed. One and a half Dog! That has got to be the name of our project!!!” – OAAHD


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