KLEN – “The Pipers”

This song takes us back to an era of old, where hippies, junkies, and fairies danced together in harmony. “The Pipers” is an extremely fun track with heavy doses of Rock and Roll and Psychedelia.


What’s going on everybody! It’s your madcap, MadZen, and today I am super stoked that we are finally receiving a new track from KLEN! Spoiler alert, this is an amazing track. Brought to us by these 60’s psychedelia-era aficionados, this track will make you lose control. So, let’s get it!

After releasing their debut single “Down The Pen“, KLEN, a four-piece band from Penryn, UK, is coming back with yet another amazing performance. These guys are the definition of maniacs, as their energetic music throws the listener into an ecstatic trance where tribalism and spirituality come together.

“The Pipers” is a heavy Rock and Roll tune with hints from The Stooges, Joy Division, and The B-52’s. With an obscure ambience and a sound that might as well have been recorded in the 60’s, this song lifts us up and put us down with a frantic rhythm and quirky riffs.

Based upon the legend of the Merry Maidens and the Pipers of Boleigh, where two pipers played music on the sabbath for many merry maidens. The story goes that the dancers were abruptly turned to stone for dancing on the day of sabbath. Upon seeing so, the pipers made a run for it, only to be caught by the curse themselves soon after. This song is an ode to them, the merry maidens, and their tale.

Well, for sure there’ll be a good amount of dancing to this track. Let’s just hope we don’t turn into stone! This is one of those tracks that are very easy to write about, ’cause is just that good. And words just don’t cut it anyway. So go ahead, and


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