No Dream – “Blacked Out”

I can’t believe it’s not Techno! “Blacked Out” delivers a dark, gritty, and ethereal atmosphere filled with haunting vocals and eerie synths.


What’s going friends! It’s your Techno dancer, MadZen, and today we will get dissident with this brand new, interesting track! Brought to us by a New York based musician, this track dives deep into our emotions, our manias, and our ways of searching for happiness in meaningless things… Don’t worry, it’s a cool track. Let’s get to it!

No Dream is a music and art project created for the socially dissident and emotionally dyslexic. Each composition is designed to compete with low attention spans, digitally compressed emotions and social distant availability.

No dream is a music and art project created by Nicholas Jackson – a resident of New York City’s East Village – in 2020 as a way to combat the anxious dread created by wasting life during the covid void that affected the whole world. His sound, at least for this track, can be described as a combination between the eerie and gothic elements of Post-Punk, or even Trip-Hop, and the ecstatic cold rhythms of electronica.

“Blacked Out” is a single that searches for the truth of who we really are, under the mundane layers in which we hide to achieve happiness. Some deep shit, folks. You can expect razor-sharp drums with an aggressive beat, a powerful groovy bass line, jumpy synths that swerve here and there, and overall, a good sense of the darkness.

Nicholas likes to ask “what if?” in each of his tracks. In this case, what if everything we cover ourselves up with (wealth, little pills, shiny objects and kardashinaistic gossip) was taken and stripped away from us. What would be left? A personality? An idea? A blackhole? As Nicholas amusingly puts it: “Real optimistic stuff.

To accompany this track, No Dream now has a phone hotline for people to call for free for dark spiritual enlightenment. Give it a try 855-XXX-DEAD (855-999-3323) – call now.

So there you have it guys. Which of you will give it a call? I for one am very tempted. Who’s waiting on the other side? Let’s find out! In the meantime, listen now!

nø dream – Decay Records © 2022
All songs written performed and recorded by Nicholas Jackson

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