MOTE new single “Hello Divine”

This track is an invitation to dance as we desperately pursuit that which we crave for. “Hello Divine” by MOTE presents a groovy beat with a 90’s inspiration that doesn’t stop to catch a breath. Get loose with it.



What’s going on boys and girls, welcome back! It’s your preacher, MadZen, and today we will get holy with this brand-new single! Brought to us by an extraordinary artist, this single mixes the heat of sexuality with the existential angst of desire… Let’s get to it!

MOTE is an artist from Nashville, Tennessee currently based in Berlin. Growing up around talented musicians, MOTE himself began playing in bands since he was just 7 yo. A successful career took him to open for acts like The Main Squeeze, Cappa, and Magic City Hippies. He’s influenced by artists like Bjork and The Cocteau Twins, and is in constant pursuit of self-discovery.

“Hello Divine” is his brand-new single, one of which he is much proud of, as he believes it’s the best song he’s released yet. It presents an electronic Pop approach, so you can expect a danceable beat with a tight groove and even a nod to the synth-wave genre. His vocals are clean, soothing, infectious, and sexy.


The theme behind the track is trying to get something you’re really desperate for. You can tell in the lyrics the hasty pull MOTE feels towards his goal. I believe this is something we can all relate to, aspiring for something/someone, trying to find the divine within it. Whether we achieve it or not, that’s the journey!

MOTE is an outstanding musician and individual who has been through a lot. From surviving cancer to defeating the mono disease after staying in bed for nine months, nothing has been able to stop this man yet. He stays in his journey of understanding life as well as himself, striving to become a better person.


Hello Divine is a good representation of what the audience can expect from me now and forever. I’m always searching for new perspectives and ideas. That’s what the song is about too, trying to get something you are desperate for. I’m trying to understand myself, the world, and trying to become a better person through the process. They can also expect me to blur the lines of dark dance music with rock n roll, and sexuality with spirituality.” – MOTE

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