Ollie Twohill “Hollow”

Ollie Twohill is back. Anticipation is a strange feeling isn’t it? We hold anticipation for a lot of things to come, good or bad. What’s funny is even though we can see what might be coming, we still feel some kind of surprise when processing it in real time.

It’s hard to even call it surprise because of our speculation leading up to the event, but still, there’s this sense of “what just happened?” Examples of this would include passing of loved ones even after a long fight with terminal disease, feeling like you did great at a job interview, then ACTUALLY getting the call for a job offer, and in the case of Australia’s Ollie Twohill and his new upcoming single, “Hollow,” such is the case with a breakup.

I think a lot of us can relate to that one. You know when things aren’t “rosy,” you get a feeling of knowing where it’s going, but when the hammer finally drops, boom. Still some shock about it. That stunned feeling is the subject matter of what is the new single. To add some positive buzz to that special sense of anxiety I’m referring to as anticipation, you can pre-save the new single here, prior to it’s release date of November 16th:


Ollie Twohill’s musical prowess is one that is modern and relevant these days, in my opinion. Imagine, if you will, a live setting where the artist comes out armed only with an acoustic guitar and a loop pedal. The set begins, your ears are met with an array of percussions, melody, and a wall of sound. You sit back and realize, “good lord, all of this sound is coming from one person!”

It’s an amazing thing in music these days that I’ve seen in a few places. Ollie takes it a step further and adds a hi-hat cymbal to his repertoire as well. And that little tid-bit is a nice variation that contributes to an overall assertion I’ve noticed with artists similar in approach: the similarity is that they all vary widely (I’ll pause for your applause of my clever wordplay.)

Indeed, the aesthetic is similar, the ambience of the performance is sure. However, genre is not so pinned down. We all kind of chop this style up to be “Alt-Pop” or “Indie-Pop” and I can go with that, but what I find most interesting about Ollie Twohill’s approach is the influence of Skate Punk and Emo that’s incorporated.

While Ed Sheeran performs similarly at times, he journeys more into dance music. While Ari Herstand performs similarly at times, he journeys more into psychedelia. I’ve used that comparison before with an artist Lo Monaco who, now I’ll add to the comparison, journeys closer into folk. Ollie Twohill cites The Story So Far as being one of his biggest contributing influences. I can totally hear that and love that when enjoying this brand of Indie Alt-Pop.

Consistent with the similarities within his genre, the end state production is fantastic. “Hollow” was recording on the Gold Coast, Queensland with the same team that he has historically worked with on his previous releases such as “Boots”, “Silk Dress”, and “Neverland.” On wax, slapping bass and larger than life sounding drums fill in the spaces of the otherwise “one-man” live arrangement.

I point that out to stress the bigger overall point that whether Ollie Twohill’s songs are presented in full production, sounding sweet through your ear buds, or stripped down, played solo to a café or record store, the idea that the song can be transcend and translate so well, is a testament to how strong/well-written the piece is at the core. “Hollow” is the first in a trilogy of singles to be released. You can anticipate two more to come, one in February and one in April of 2023!


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