Anne Bennett – “Snake in Paradise”

After an incredible succession of great singles (“Heavy Hand“, “Highway Boys“, “Fabolous Creature“), we’re happy to announce that Salem-based Anne Bennett has returned with a new one! “Snake in Paradise” is her latest track, and it showcases a softer side from the singer.

The newest track from this incredibly talented singer-songwriter is about breaking up a friendship; written about someone who’s been scorned, and later realizes that their friend was nothing but an egoistic – so they’re better off now. “This person had been my best friend for years, and they hurt me so badly with their complete narcissistic tendencies. I almost ended up in a mental institution over it. Singing and recording this track helped set me free”, as Bennett herself points out about the song.

Anne is a singer who is used to writing and singing about pain and trauma, but in “Snake in Paradise” she sounds the most vulnerable she’s ever sounded since her debut single “Deep in the Shadows“, from early 2021. It’s a moving and delicate single, highlighting some of Bennett’s influences like Lana Del Rey “with a 90’s goth feel” and Cowboy Junkies, but still managing to sound original and unique. The nuances within the song narrative are only matched by Bennett’s silky vocals, that tie everything together beautifully with its cinematic melodies. All of the pain within the track’s core can be felt by the listener, and that’s all because of Bennett’s impeccable delivery.

Anne once again continues to amaze us with her songs, bringing the dark and eerie atmosphere from her hometown’s lore into her music and making it seem easy. She’s come a long way since her first single, and keeps on getting better and more interesting with each new release. Already showing us an astounding amount of range and versatility within her very own discography, Anne Bennett is definitely a force of nature to be reckoned with.

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