N4November – A World of So Much Hate (EP)

You know what’s the worst thing about a good emo song? It’s that it ends. Honestly, who doesn’t love a good emo song? I mean, a truly good emo song is like a bath of warm honey for the soul. And I’ve got great news for you: N4November’s just released six of them!

In his much-anticipated debut EP A World of So Much Hate, Australia’s N4November (or simply Alex) blesses us with three new songs that compliment his three previous singles (“Dear Friend“, “Constant Reminder” and “Mistakes and Heartbreak“) beautifully. Fusing swiftian lyrics and melodies with fuzzy guitars and just the right amount of synths, N4November’s EP A World of So Much Hate sounds refreshing, nostalgic and ready for the floor – at a party nearby or just your very own bedroom floor.

There is something very human, very pure in the way in which N4November’s Alex approaches his songwriting and his music as a whole. He sings about hanging out with his friends, and how much it would suck if they suddenly realized that they don’t like him. It’s an unlikely, worst-case-scenario type thing, but who hasn’t ever felt this way?

Alex’s love for Taylor Swift and Paramore can be perceived in its subtleties, either a chord progression or a distinctive word choice in his lyrics. C’mon, isn’t “I’m thankful for the time we spent together staying up all night drinking, playing card games, telling our stories, secrets of our lives” the best thing Taylor Swift never wrote? That verse is from “Half of Mine”, a personal favourite from the EP and one of the new songs.

This is the beauty of a truly good emo song: it lets you feel. Without judgement. You just feel and it’s okay. It somehow gives you permission to feel everything very intensely, even if it’s something that will probably never happen. A World of So Much Hate follows this narrative in six great songs, that are produced to the nines. I’m talking synths, strings, vocal effects, great drumming, distorted guitars, that early 2000s pop punk feel. This EP has everything in it, and Alex’s powerful and emotional vocals make it all work effortlessly.

In his debut EP, N4November invites us all to feel the world with him. The good, the bad, the very unlikely and the somewhat possible. “I don’t know how to live in this world of so much hate”, he sings in the title track. None of us do, Alex. But we keep trying, and songs like these helps.

A World of So Much Hate IS OUT NOW!

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