Carpe Diem “Pixie Dust”

“Kindness is your pixie dust,” says the gentle singing voice in today’s featured song. Embark on a little ethereal journey, find a little magic in the daily life and nurture the fairy of kindness and good fortune within you with the new single from Carpe Diem.

Magical instruments, floating melodies and folklore-infused singing feature in “Pixie Dust“, the new song sounding like fairy wisdom coming straight from the depths of ancient forests. Tender and fragile like the morning fog and all the little floating creatures in a forest opening, this song has a lot of wisdom to offer to those who listen.

Enhanced by the ghostly beautiful melodies coming from a hang drum, a wonderful instrument of healing energy, as well as the vibrant sound of flute that is arguably the instrument for fairies to play, the storyteller song encourages its listeners to never give up on your dreams, to find magic in little things in life, as well as highlighting the power of kindness.

Carpe Diem, the multifaceted Hong Kong duo consisting of guitarist Keith and singer Ada, loves to create music that’s reflective of life. The duo has previously been featured on the blog with two songs “Shadow” and “Your Face, Your Fate“, both thought-provoking releases with their own sound and inner world.

“Pixie Dust” also comes with a music video. Aside of showing us lyrics, the video illustrates the magical atmosphere of this song with breathtaking scenes of forest through seasons as well as showing the beauty in small things, such as a cluster of insects floating on sunlight, or the seeds flowing in the wind.

The single is out now!

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