I Am The Unicorn Head’s new adventure “Cosmologic Adventuring”

This single marks the beginning of an exciting new adventure for our dear friends I Am The Unicorn Head “Cosmologic Adventuring” is the first single release of a new upcoming concept EP about a journey through the stars. An amusing music video and charming melodies await.


What’s going on everybody! Welcome back. It’s your space adventurer, MadZen, and today I’m very excited for a NEW concept EP from I Am The Unicorn Head is up and coming. An ambitious project where every track will have its own music video, complementing this astrological tale. 3…2…1… Ignition.

I Am The Unicorn Head is a Progressive/Indie Rock band that has charmed listeners all around the globe. With their latest album Future Dinosaurs they’ve most certainly turn heads as they’ve received a good amount of positive reviews throughout several blogs. Including us! Now, the duo is preparing for the monthly release of a full length musical/concept album, with a matching full length musical movie, on YouTube.

Please note that the song won’t be available on Spotify until 25/11/22

“Cosmologic Adventuring” marks the Prologue of this exciting new series, and it presents our space heroes as they are launched into the sky and beyond the stars, drifting away from Earth. It’s well known that the unicorns have a strong affinity for David Bowie, and this single is not the exception, for it carries a strong influence from the Blackstar.

Lyrics tell the tale as they see themselves surrounded by space, showing glimpses of hope, pride, and even fear and loneliness. What will become of these interstellar travelers? We’ll have to wait and see. Every 4 to 5 weeks a new song and music video will drop both on Spotify and Youtube, picking up where the previous single left. A whole new musical story is about to unfold, and we’re very happy to be part of it.

Make sure you follow I Am The Unicorn Head on their Spotify and Youtube pages, that way you won’t miss any song when it drops. Also, you can listen/buy their last album Future Dinosaurs on their Bandcamp page. As for this song, it is really pretty and filled with palpable emotions, without a doubt a song that promises a lot for what’s to come.

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