Monroe Moon – “Just a Little Bit Longer”

Rich, delicate, crystalline, sugary. Those are a few words that can be used to describe Monroe Moon’s newest single, “Just a Little Bit Longer”. The duo closes their amazing 2022 run with a dream pop ballad, that falls closely to the softest side of acts such as Slowdive and Cocteau Twins. Lead singer, lyricist, and keyboardist Bunny Monroe’s voice never sounded so intimate as it does in this one, a lovely way to wrap up their year.

The husband-and-wife duo has been making music for a few years now, chasing their sound and challenging themselves with each new release. And now they are currently working on a full-length debut album to be released sometime in 2023! We cannot contain ourselves with joy and expectation, because these two have already proven exactly how much of a range in the sound they can achieve.

We have previously covered their past singles “¡Get Up!“, “Glad to Exist“, “New Utopia” and “War“; and feel honored to be talking about their great music once more. Monroe Moon has already shown us that they can do pretty much anything with their experimental vein of indie pop. The duo’s special strength is in coming up with an exquisite balance between a straightforward dream pop song and a weird Radiohead-Kid-A-like knack for experimenting and trying new things. And they always succeed in it, too.

“Just a Little Bit Longer” is a song about doubt and perseverance, beautifully written and with an impending sense that both hope and tragedy are to follow. ‘My body will remain just a little bit longer, you’re not strong enough’, Bunny sings softly over a somewhat haunting melody that never gets too dark and remains as if bathed in the moonlight. ‘You’re not my home anymore’, she finishes. It’s a gorgeous single, definitely one of their most nuanced ones and ethereal ones. The Massive Attack and Portishead influences are even more present here than before and it just makes it all that more interesting. Monroe Moon never ceases to delight and surprise with their music, and “Just a Little Bit Longer” is no exception.

“Just a Little Bit Longer” IS ¡OUT NOW!

Photo credits please: Wojtek Dabrowski

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