Yana “The Traveller”

You’re not really dead until the ripples you’ve created during your lifetime finally fade away. I don’t remember where I heard that phrase, but that’s certainly true, especially when you think of all the great late musicians that have left us, but whose music and spirit stay around to influence and inspire. Among those musicians is Fergus O’Farrell, the frontman of Interference and a person with a warm glowing spirit. He was the biggest inspiration for Yana, and her new single, “The Traveller” pays homage to her personal musical hero and the ripples that he had created.

To drive the poignant and longing song right home, Yana, the Czech-native artist with a strong Irish heart, is joined by another member of Interference, Maurice Culligan on piano and lead vocals. Somber piano melodies look for beauty in the sadness, as the lyrics speak of a spirit free of the physical boundaries set by the body. It’s a beautiful eulogy finding solace in the influences and warm waves left behind by the lonesome traveller – he may be gone physically, but not necessarily spiritually.

“The Traveller” is also the last single to drop before the arrival of Yana’s debut album. There are now 4 singles in total to offer a glimpse into what’s to come in the release titled “Journey of the Soul” – the caressing “Reach Out“, the soft, serene, and sad “Calm Before the Storm” and the guitar-driven eulogy for life as it used to be before the pandemic, “Funeral of Life“. Earthy intertwined with spiritual, Yana’s delicate, meaningful music sings of life in ways that simply can’t leave anyone cold.

“The Traveller” is out now, give it a listen today on Yana’s Bandcamp!

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