Angelina Luzi – “Silent Moon”

The Moon has been a source of inspiration for many artists since the beginning of time and was by staring at the moon at moments of uncertainty that Angelina Luzi wrote her latest track. “Silent Moon”, her first release of the year, combines all of the things she’s already shown us she’s great at emotional melodies, strong lyrics, and impeccable production.


“Silent Moon” was written as a search for answers and guidance. “‘Silent Moon’ was written in a moment of loss of direction when the only thing that would reassure me would be staring at the moon, hoping and waiting for answers, like a wolf would howl at the moon in ritual”, the artist herself says about the song. And by the sounds of it, Angeline found her answers! It’s a gorgeous song, beautifully performed and produced – much like her previous releases “Let It Go“, “Life” and “I Remain You Remain“.

I sing to the silent moon, will my path be revealed by your soothing cycles?‘ she sings in the chorus, just as the synths are hitting and moments before the drums begin to go harder. On her newest single, Angelina Luzi unleashes her inner Kate Bush more than ever and it’s jaw-dropping to hear. The quest for direction and answers resulted in her richest sound yet – it’s bigger, brighter, and wider than anything she’s done this far, and this greatness suits her very well. The song was masterfully produced by her long-time collaborator Nick Burns, and he’s been able to capture the very best of Angelina.

“I hope this song will soothe you too, give you the courage to face your shadows, and help you find the answers you are looking for”, the singer concludes about the single. It’s not a song about finding yourself once you’re lost, it’s about the journey. It’s about finding the strengths to search for your own answers, not sure if you’ll actually find them, but knowing that trying is the most important part. We’re all trying to find ourselves, and songs like these motivate you to keep the quest going.



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