9 o’clock Nasty new satirical single “Disco Investors”

Heavier than Elon Musk’s ego, the riffs in this single by 9 o’clock Nasty are more of a statement than just strings making noise. “We’re robbing you of everything you’ve got” they say, so get your wallets and digital PINs ready.

OUT NOW! Disco Investors by 9 o’clock Nasty (19/03/23)


What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen, and today is a glorious day because, yes, a brand new single from Britain’s finest is hitting your town very soon! A track with a sound so filthy that it’s illegal in several countries. Let’s get to it!

I’m sure that the Nasty doesn’t need any introduction by now unless you’re new to the blog and haven’t witnessed the proliferating rise of these nice gentlemen. If that’s the case I’m sorry for you but fear not because we’re here to deliver, and all you need to know is that they make Punk less boring… lol, just kidding… but yeah.

Glam rock, toxic masculinity, and an unlimited supply of sugar snacks. What could possibly go wrong? DISCO INVESTORS hits hard and makes a lurching glitter-strewn getaway with mismatched high-heeled boots and over-tight pants.

“Disco Investors” is a track which of course comes with the Nasty’s inevitable sense of humor and unique sense of cynicism. A track made in collaboration with producer Hugo GT, a wanted man in most of his home country because of his criminal sound… But bad jokes aside, the riffs in this single are a beast, and it’s a song that hits hard and takes no prisoners.

I never really understand what Nasty’s lyrics are about but they’re something about filthy rich mofos getting even filthier and richer, while the rest of us just crawl in the dirt. Something like that. Anyways is a satirical version of Elon Musk’s wildest wet dreams…

So, listen now! “Disco Investors” by 9 o’clock Nasty

9 o'clock Nasty "Disco Investors"
This is the third single of the year so far, after “Too Cool” (almost 20K streams only on Spotify right now as I wrote this, so, once you read this they surely open past that mark) and “Low Fat Jesus” (with the Mark Wise Remix, almost 7K in less than 1 month).

And you can start to get ready for what’s about to come, check out their own Instagram post to be notified
You’re warned, more “Nasty” to come, and I just can’t wait, what about you?

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