Burning River’s tremendous debut “Ignition”

Cleveland-based Rock band makes a tremendous debut with their single “Ignition”. Channeling the rock spirits of past times, these four musicians are on a mission to bring Rock and Roll back to life. With amazing guitar riffs and a mean groove, Burning River is off for a good start.


What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy, MadZen, and today we have an amazing brand-new single for all you Rock lovers. A track that very much resembles that wild-spirited energy from acts like Living Colour, Aerosmith, and even Alter Bridge. Let’s get to it!

Burning River is an American rock band from the East side of Cleveland, Ohio. Inspired by 70s hard rock acts like Led Zeppelin, Rush, AC/DC, Deep Purple, and Jimi Hendrix, they have a strong desire to see the beloved genre alongside today’s Pop, Hip-Hop, and Country charts. In other words, bring life back to Rock in this modern musical oversaturation.

“Ignition” begins with a bang, and a big, powerful riff supported by the pumping drums. An intro solo gets us ready for the verse, with high-reaching vocals and an intense attitude that reminds us of the great Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge / Slash). The drums come with a nasty groove that becomes more apparent in the bridge’s solo.

The track is filled with exciting melodies and hardcore riffs, just what rock is all about, while the lyrics aim to take control and watch it all burn baby! Without a doubt, an amazing start for this Cleveland musicians, so go ahead and listen now!

“We hope Ignition carries its vintage influence and modern sound to a new generation of listeners. In doing so, we as a band hope to bring rock n roll back to the forefront of mainstream music”

Burning River

Burning River "Ignition" press photo

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