S J Denney spills a whole lotta love and appreciation in new song “The Keeper”

The Essex-based singer-songwriter S J Denney is in a roll. He’s currently getting ready to release a new EP called “These Things Happen”. This colorful release brings in a slew of influences, both musical and life-inspired, and it starts off with a chill acoustic song “The Keeper”.


Opening up with a soft atmosphere, “The Keeper” is a pleasantly slow tune with a lively acoustic sound. The softness is present in the lyrics as well, which hit as a heartfelt letter to a dear friend reminiscing the times that brought them together closer than ever. This song is actually inspired by the artist’s best friend and a former bandmate partaking in one of S J Denney’s previous projects.

“The Keeper” is driven by remarkable simplicity reminiscent of the Beatles. That’s no coincidence – S J had watched The Beatles’ Get Back documentary, which ended up influencing this song’s course and providing ample amounts of space for the song’s message to shine. In addition to that, there’s presence in the song making it feel like you’re listening to J S Denney perform it in a small intimate venue.

This new single joins the mystifying flamenco tune “Shadows in the Night” and the serene uplifting song of hope titled “High Flying Birds” on the genre-crossing upcoming EP. There will be a total of 5 tracks on it, with the last one remaining a secret surprise.

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S J Denney "This Things Happen" artwork

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