Tom Craven’s optimist & honest new album “Make Yourself Known”

British singer and songwriter Tom Craven gears up for the release of his second full studio album, Make Yourself Known. Following the acclaim that his previous singles “New Signals” and “Let It Fall (My December)” got, this was an album that had all of us excited and eagerly waiting – and it did not disappoint at all.



The folk vibes that Tom is known for are all here, filled with lush production and a sunny atmosphere. This album was written and recorded remotely during the worst of the pandemic, it’s music that saw what was going on with the world and decided to go in the opposite direction. Make Yourself Known may be your classic pandemic record, but there’s absolutely nothing about this that screams desperation, loneliness, and uncertainty. It’s an honest album about being true to yourself and believing you can make it happen. Along the twelve tracks that integrate it, Tom sings about hope, bravery, and precisely moving forward in the face of dark times.

Make Yourself Known features gorgeous production and a full band sound, going for pianos and sparse electric guitars, great drumming, and melodies that stick with you for days. Following the footsteps of masters such as Conor Oberst and M. Ward, Tom Craven made an indie folk album that feels like a modern-day classic, adding elements from America and surf rock as well. Beautifully written and performed, Make Yourself Known is an album about life and its immediate surroundings.

“Hidden City”, quite possibly my personal favorite track, is a Bright eyes-esque song that builds onto itself with dynamic guitars and rhythms and lyrics that talk about resilience. “Sleep”, another stand-out track, features a nice synth line and forward percussion that never slows down as Tom sings about lullabies and peaceful nights of sleep. It’s a track that just feels good to listen to, like all of the album. Closer “Little Steps” ends the album on the highest of notes, with an almost folk-punk urgency filled with changes in tempo and lyrics such as ‘it’s the biggest heart that beats inside of me‘ and ‘that was the night I knew I was going to be alright‘.

On his second full album, Tom Craven made something that just feels good, nice, and hopeful. There’s optimism throughout the entire thing, and it’s refreshing to hear music like this amongst all of the hard times and darkness that seem to be around us all of the time. The press release says that this album was a tribute to all who have faced up through troubled times, to those who learned to stand strong in the face of adversity and that’s exactly what we get. “Make Yourself Known” feels like a well-deserved break from the bleakness of the real world.



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Photo credit JSP Jon Self Photography and for the Artwork of this album credit to Ruxandra Niculae.

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