Lump200 releases new, very futuristic experimental LP “Isles of You”

The 5th full-length release coming from the Berlin-based avant-garde alias Lump200 is all about co-creation, participation, and crowd recording. In fact, “Isles of You” is a hybrid release, meaning that in addition to the wild selection of eclectic, forward-pushing electronic sounds, there’s also an app coming along with the album, which allows people to participate by recording their own snippets.


Described as the next chapter of Lump200’s electroacoustic journey, “Isles of You” comes along with a myriad of new ideas combined into 13 tracks. 3 previously released singles “Kryptomarch“, “Cex” and “I Am the Elephant in the Room” are included.

Official dance for CEX by Mlhertog

This release comes full of eccentric compositions, ceaseless explorations of sound both rhythmic and melodic, and motifs with recognized familiarity turned into something completely different. As such, the album builds up its own shape and form with no care for pre-existing structures, such as genres – Lump200 snips elements from across the board and uses them to sculpt the kind of music you definitely haven’t heard before. As a whole, “Isles of You” keeps a minimalistic approach in the composition, and a maximalist one in ideas.

The all-embracing marriage of acoustic instruments, including vibraphone played by Els Vanderweyer, and electronic music elements make the album a free, expressive body of work.

Now, to the co-creation part – “Isles of You” arrives hand-in-hand with a social audio website developed with gravity&storm, in which people are able to create an account and add their own edits to the projects available on site. You’ll be able to connect a microphone or any audio-in device and record your own ideas onto the project, edit, and save them. The site is currently in beta and available here (, and it features a selection of Lump200 projects in a reduced form.

Listen to “Isles of You” on Spotify Now!

Lump200 press photo "Isles Of You"
Credits: artwork: Petra Peterffy / Photos: Marion Masuch

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