Bad Ass Beauty – “Blast Off”

Los Angeles artist Bad Ass Beauty continues to amaze with her amazing mix of Hard Rock with soulful vocals in her new single “Blast Off”. A track meant to celebrate life and wash away the bad times. Pure Rock and Roll riffs topped by high-reaching vocals. Out now!


What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen and today I’m super excited by today’s new single. It is an outstanding delivery of showmanship, talent, and pure internal fire. Heavy riffs, slamming drums, grooving bass, and powerhouse vocals, all in a single song. Let’s get to it!

After her amazing last two singles Broken and 4 Horsemen, LaQuinta Prince AKA Bad Ass Beauty is making an extraordinary comeback with “Blast Off”. The track makes the earth move and our hearts pound with its wild, ravaging rhythms. An exceptional display of brute force and beautiful/seductive vocals co-existing together.

The track, in LaQuinta’s words “is a straight forward let your hair down, let your ass hang all the way out, relax, live your life and let all the the problems and the fuck shit go for the moment.” And this is true right out of the bat. With a powerful intro, it takes just a few seconds to find yourself hooked on the high-gained riffs, and don’t get me started about LaQuinta’s harmonies on the chorus. What a treat!

Life is stressful enough. Let that shit go for a while and act a damn fool!!!” – Bad Ass Beauty

And after all the hype, the track finishes with a completely opposite mood. A calm, and almost nostalgic piano melody, acting almost as a stabilizer after such an explosive and energetic ride. What an amazing experience this track is, and you bet that you will wanna listen to it once again. Brutality and beauty, power and grace, both delight us in this magnificent sonic experience, one that you most definitely don’t wanna miss.

So, listen now!

Bad Ass Beauty "Blast Off" press photo

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