Ellery Twining Delivers New Poetic Album: “Results”

No stranger to the LT1KF blog, Ellery Twining is a household name around here and in many eclectic circles with an equally eclectic sound he’s developed in the realm of the post-Pop genre (AKA “avant-garde,” “no wave,” and “ambient.”)

We covered two of his previously released singles, “The Day Jeff Buckley Died” and “Weatherfall,” as well as the critically acclaimed album, “Revenge,” in which those tracks were featured on. Twining rolls that momentum into a mind-blowing new album titled, “Results.” Bandcamper alert! The album is out now on Bandcamp.



The best way I could describe Ellery Twinning’s soundscape is like “slam-poetry meets psychedelic easy listening.” His lyrical prowess is not preachy, or overtly literal. It is expressionist, poignant, and thought-provoking. It makes listening to his albums an audibly hypnotic experience from beginning to end.

He beings the album with a strong sentiment, the track “The Sixth of January.” His poetic musings do not shy away from the current landscapes of societal disarrays nor the correlations between them and his own personal reflections and memories.

In this particular album, he has described the work as “A contextual dissemination of the Generation X transformation into the Post Generation.” Further elaborating, he conveys that there are underlying themes of popular culture, childhood survival tactics, and the consequences of “socially acceptable divorce.” In fact, one of the original working titles of the album was at one time “The Divorce Kid.”

“This group of songs illustrates the experience of seeing through the eyes of Generation X kids during their childhood, and its reflection.”

Ellery Twining on “Results”



A talented multi-instrumentalist, Twining wrote and performed all the instrumentation on the album, with the exception of Bass Guitar (credited to David Bentley). The production of the album was done by Eric Lichter of Dirt Floor Recording Studio. One thing that makes him particularly unique to the Post Pop genre is his affinity for traditional Pop structures, while at the very same time going out of his way to manipulate and circumvent them. But don’t take my word for it! Give the album a listen for yourself, because as Ellery Twinning himself would say, “the proof is in RESULTS.”

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Ellery Twining press photo "Results"


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