Bloodlin3 brings forth a blast of goodness titled “Mercy”

Bloodlin3, the 3-headed hip hop group hailing from El Paso Texas. / Paducah, KY, has just released their full-length album titled “Mercy”. Their love for classic 1990s hip hop is firm and it shows – combining the classic with the modern the LP carries the golden bold sound of the 90s and offers lots of flavors to indulge in.

The trio of brothers that make up Bloodlin3 are all established rap artists in their own right and joined over the common love for the diverse sound of hip-hop. Speaking of diversity, the group strongly feels that the music industry has let the genre become bland with much too little to differ from the masses. The industry needs a reset, and Bloodlin3 does its part of it by reminding the listeners what hip-hop as a genre and movement is really about.

So comes the new LP “Mercy”, the 9-track collection of outstanding beats and bold rhymes with a total runtime of roughly 40 minutes. 3 of its tracks have already been featured on the blog as singles, namely the monolithic nothing-stops-me anthem of persistence “Until I Fall“, the longing, soft and emotional “Where Did All My Homies Go” and the powerful “Please Don’t Bother Me” that walks its line between being assertive and getting aggressive.

Bloodlin3 "Mercy" artwork

The trio of singles joins smoothly into line with the rest of the tracks and their representative moods. Bloodlin3 is not afraid of gentler emotions and happily incorporates the deeper feelings with those more brash and strong-backed. The release gains extra fun from vocal snippets reminiscent of radio broadcasts, MCs in the club, and more, giving its tracks an additional layer of depth.

“Mercy” features an array of legendary artists Bizzy Bone and Krizz Kaliko as well as DJ Michael Watts, who has given “The Execution” a slower and darker edge. There’s high amounts of ground-vibrating bass, quickly spit verses along with courage-infused choruses, and on-point production, and each topic tackled by the release has been given its own distinct atmosphere. From the eery and nocturnal “Take Me Away” and highly daring “Panic Attack” to the sophisticated classic feeling in “I Understand”, the album has made itself a solid new light in the hip-hop world.

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