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This is 9Albums/EPs You Should Liste To Week 26, every week I pick 9 albums/EPs recently released by unknown artists that I share with you, I enjoyed all, so I want to invite you to give the a chance and listen to them. The album of the week is for The Northern Light’s self-titled debut album, our friends from Bloodlin3 dropped their debut album “Mercy”, and Jean’s Hill’s debut EP “The Kelp Diaries”.

The Northern Light self-titled debut alubm artwork

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1.- Seattle indie-rock band, The Northern Light, led by singer-songwriter and guitarist David Pollon, delivers a powerful and captivating self-titled album that showcases their musical talent and emotional depth. Influenced heavily by the 1970s-era Neil Young, this album explores themes of despair and redemption, taking listeners on a journey through introspection and self-discovery. You can keep reading our review here.

2.- Bloodlin3, the 3-headed hip hop group hailing from El Paso Texas. / Paducah, KY, has just released their full-length album titled “Mercy”. Their love for classic 1990s hip hop is firm and it shows – combining the classic with the modern the LP carries the golden bold sound of the 90s and offers lots of flavors to indulge in. You can keep reading our review here.

3.- The indie-instrumental alias Jean’s Hill has dropped his newest release just recently, on June 21st. Titled with references to the artists surrounding places, “The Kelp Diaries” is a 5-track storyteller EP with no narrator and lots of plentiful bustling atmospheres. You can read our review here.

4.- Keeping up with the lighter and sunnier vibes that were also present in “blue” and “whele“, their latest track is actually the final single of their garden EP. It’s the first time that Wotts presented us with a cohesive multi-track project, tied together by a cinematic vibe.  You can read our review here.

5.- I’m No Chessman explores more of a modern sound in this record, blurring the lines with heavy rock and melodic keys/synths. In this record, the frontman opens up about his issues with addictions and mental health, such as ADHD.

6.- Alt Rock outfit TNL VZN have carefully curated a melancholic reflection of love, describing the emotion in all of its aggression and angst with their latest release “Ecstasy”. This 5 piece fuse aggressive guitars and booming drums with haunting vocals to create a modern echo of 2000’s alt-rock and emo.

7.- Treehouse have notched up between them about 180 years of experience playing music from Indie/Jazz/SingerSongwriter/Rock backgrounds and decided during Lockdown that creativity was an avenue of complete expression to celebrate – so releasing their first live EP recorded in London with Producer Annie Rew-Shaw (Austel) it was to celebrate music created in that conflicted time. Songs from the heat of the summer played with an acoustic live vibe Autumn Street describes Patience, Manipulation, Deceit, and Perspective…….

8.- The debut album, and Blindness & Light’s musical journey as a whole, is an inspirational story in its own right. Following a devastating hit and run that left the artist for dead, Blindness & Light re-evaluated his life’s direction. Since then he has completed his PhD in environmental biotechnology.

9.- AOIFE in her own words: “After a long time spent completing “when all is said and done“, I believe that this EP can be musically broken down into pop melodicism, rock stylism, and an overarching folk ethos of heart-to-heart tale. Although it is a first chapter of many more to come, it is filled with everything my team & I have. My greatest hope is that anybody who ventures into this may find a piece of themselves inside”.

Also, worth to check out the debut album by
AngieSome Things Get Left Behind


Mari DangerfieldEco-Fever

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