MAL’s “Come To Light”: A Sonic Adventure Blending Grunge, Hard Rock, and Prog Magic

Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey through a soundscape that draws from the best of grunge, hard rock, alternative, metal, and progressive rock with MAL’s latest album, “Come To Light” due out August 25 mark your calendar, consisting of Peter Hollywood on bass, Kristopher Jung on vocals/guitar, and Brendan Reynolds on drums, this talented trio has delivered a stunning collection of 19 tracks that showcase their exceptional musicianship and emotional depth.


MAL "Come to Light" album press photo

At the heart of “Come To Light” lies the band’s seamless fusion of genres, crafting magical concoctions of sonic diversity that keep listeners engaged throughout the entire album. Right from the opening track, “Sleeper,” MAL sets the tone with a wah-infused intro guitar riff that immediately grabs attention. The combination of minor bass lines, clean guitars, and gritty, powerful vocals creates a mesmerizing blend of alternative and stoner rock elements. The album’s impressive variety continues with tracks like “Come To Light,” which channels the spirit of Led Zeppelin’s rock ‘n’ roll, coupled with punk energy and jaw-dropping shredding.

One of the album’s notable strengths is its sonic craftsmanship. The drums stand out with sharp cymbal tones and tight precision, while the snare sound provides a nice tick that drives the songs forward with a powerful rhythm. Kristopher Jung’s vocals are both gritty and powerful, evoking comparisons to the intensity of Tool and the haunting allure of Alice In Chains. The album also features three well-executed transitional tracks, “Ritual of the Sky,” “Dust,” and “Night,” which serve as brief interludes, seamlessly connecting the main songs while maintaining the album’s cohesive flow.

MAL’s ability to effortlessly switch between different musical moods is evident throughout “Come To Light.” Tracks like “Hero’s Gold” display catchy grooves and heavy, alternative rock riffs that will have you nodding along, while “The Confidence of Cats” brings in a refreshing touch with acoustic guitars combined with an alt-rock sound.

The band truly showcases their prowess on songs like “Thumper, WormSign,” where Tool-like progressive elements blend seamlessly with alternative rock, creating an intense and captivating experience. On “Madness As Lift,” the band ventures into cerebral musicality, featuring cascading riffs and complex time signatures, making it a standout progressive track infused with alternative metal madness. Among the new songs on the album, “For Brevity” emerges as a signature track, packing a potent punch with its emotive magic and powerful delivery. Meanwhile, tracks like “Cut Myself” and “MindSpike” showcase the band’s ability to venture into darker territories while maintaining their signature sound.

“Come To Light” by MAL is an exceptional offering that takes listeners on a thrilling ride through the band’s diverse influences. The seamless blend of grunge, hard rock, alternative, metal, and progressive elements, coupled with captivating vocals and impressive musicianship, sets this album apart. Whether you’re a fan of Pink Floyd, Deftones, Black Sabbath, or Nirvana, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in MAL’s musical tapestry. With its strong emotional core and innovative approach, “Come To Light” is an album you’ll want to listen to from start to finish, allowing it to carry you to places yet unknown.


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