The Pulltops – “With You”

The Milwaukee-based duo, The Pulltops, returns with “With You”. A fantastic, 80’s inspired ballad full of epic melodies, uplifting harmonies, and heavy 80’s pop drums. A must-hear! Out now!


That’s right my friends, The Pulltops have returned. This time with their sixth single release of the year, it is truly an astonishing one. Big, hard drums, wide open vocals with lush harmonies, choral chants, and sharp synths… all this and more inside.

The Pulltops was created by drummer Mark Pierret and guitarist Tom Crowell, two music lovers from Milwaukee who really love creating music with a mix of Indie Rock, Power Pop, and their own eclectic influences! Both of them have very different backgrounds, but some might say that’s why they work together so well.

Their previous single on the blog was Wide Awake, back in August. Now, the duo comes back with a brand new musical vision, a ballad that transcends the laws of time, and propels us into a wonderful 80’s atmosphere with a pristine sound and wonderful arrangements.

“With You” is more than a love song, it’s an homage to the 80s era, a carefully crafted composition of melodic elements that satisfy our ears and fill us with amazement when the chorus hits. The vocal stacks and the slamming drums resemble a Hans Zimmer vibe, more specifically to The Lion King score.

Without a doubt a great release and one which deserves all your attention. The only downside is that it ends so abruptly, leaving us wanting for more! Anyway, listen now!


The Pulltops "With You" press photo


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