Vargen releases his eponymous debut album, a vibrant collection of his original works

The Swedish musician Vargen has just recently revealed a new album carrying his own name. While he does have previous albums consisting of covers and interpretations, this particular release stands as a strong and emotion-packed debut of the artist’s own music. It is a journey – come take a dive into Vargen’s world of mystery, an infectious kaleidoscope of reality and dreams intertwined with emotions.


Vargen hinted at the upcoming original album by releasing a slew of singles, among them “Toxicon“, a flamboyant and rather sexy song strutting along the catwalk and wishing for eternal youth. Those singles now join the 9 songs of “Vargen” with a total runtime of almost 33 story-packed minutes. Vargen’s colorful songwriting manages to build a solid atmosphere with captivating characters and a dense storyline – while each song runs, one could close their eyes and see a movie unfold in rather stunning definition.

“Our minds associate, connect and draw conclusions. It was when people, times, places – real or imagined – collide or combine that I found inspiration for many of the songs. I don’t really know how it happens. It might be a dream that lingers. It might be a memory or feeling that changes in an instant if put in a new light. Sometimes it’s just plain fiction.”


Vargen´s press photo for his eponymous album

The everbright “Toxicon” is accompanied by lots of vibrancy. The mystery-veiled burst and decay of a love story as described in “Like a Bird of Prey” likens love’s sudden arrival to a swift attack of a hawk. Whether that creature looks for a partner or just a fleshy taste of pleasure, is slowly unveiled in the song. “Them Cats”, featuring Swedish guitar legend Jojje Wadenius, follows the society of cats living side-by-side with rioting humans, all in constant change. “The Bitch in Me” takes a dive into a relationship doomed from the start between people that don’t understand each other, not anymore.

All songs are powered by Vargen’s emotive vocals that take any shape he wants. Playful, deep, emotionally wrecked or admiring from a distance, his voice brings forth the story in his descriptive and enigmatic lyricism. Every song hits well in its own way, but the ending track has been selected well to be the finishing song. “A Midnight Dreary” has the highest quantity of fear and dread chained to the crumbling facade of love, envisioned in such a way that makes usual horror stories quite light-hearted in comparison.

Vargen has made his name pretty well-known as a Bob Dylan interpreter. The release of his new album of original works shows that this artist is also an incredible songwriter. “Vargen” the album is a ride definitely worth taking!

“Vargen” is out now on all major platforms. The album is also released on vinyl and CD formats for all physical media enthusiasts, available for purchase in Bengans record store!


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