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This is 9Albums/EPs You Should Liste To Week 46, every week I pick 9 albums/EPs recently released by unknown artists that I share with you, I enjoyed all, so I want to invite you to give them a chance and listen to them. The album of the week is “Wingspan” by Hana Piranha, “Beyond” the fantastic album by Silvermosue, and the self-titled debut album by Vargen.

Hana Piranha "Wingspan" artwork

I appreciate you for showing some love to these artists, streaming these albums is a really cool way to help this artist, remember to give them a follow, a + (Spotify), and a heart (social media), you might already know it but I have to say it: you rock! Waste no more time and let’s get to it!



1.- England’s own Hana Piranha, a band we covered last month as well, has dropped a much-anticipated album called “Wingspan.” All I can even manage to muster out and say upon first time listening through is: “holy sh*t.” It’s that good. So good that I can’t do words good. All it will take is but one or two tracks into this album for fans of Alternative Rock to welcome it warmly into their music library and introspective psyches. You can keep reading our review here.

2.- Silvermouse has just revealed their newest full-length album “Beyond“, a live recording release. This lengthy record pushes aside the conventional and the mundane, instead, it welcomes the listeners to come along and explore what’s Beyond the walls of their subconsciousness. Enjoy it as a long-lasting spiritual joint opening up the realms belonging to an altered state of consciousness! You can keep reading our review here.

3.- The Swedish musician Vargen has just recently revealed a new album carrying his own name. While he does have previous albums consisting of covers and interpretations, this particular release stands as a strong and emotion-packed debut of the artist’s own music. It is a journey – come take a dive into Vargen’s world of mystery, an infectious kaleidoscope of reality and dreams intertwined with emotions. You can keep reading our review here.

4.- Sano Hill is a singer-songwriter based in Galway City who writes and performs songs inspired by life, love, and loss. He has been 7 times before in the blog and you can take a look at those reviews, all of those tracks included in this album.

If Not Now, When? is Hill’s debut album and charts a singer/songwriter’s development and ambitions over the course of a relationship from hopeful beginnings, to doubt and denial, disillusionment, breakup, recovery and finally finding his voice.

5.- “Saknas” by Planetariet. In their own words: “With the core in post-rock and elements from jazz and electronica. The record has been formed around the theme of an astronaut who lost all contact with Earth. The songs have mainly been written and recorded during the pandemic and this has forced us to work in new ways and knocked us out of our comfort zone, resulting in something that feels personal and unique.”

6.- Pure Inch in his own words: “The album “City Tales” takes listeners on a captivating journey, seamlessly weaving through various electronic styles to create a tapestry of sound that mirrors the dynamic and diverse essence of urban life.”

7.- The anticipated release of “Into The Blue Night” is SWiiMS’ first full-length release. Following up on the success of their debut EP “Through Waves”, SWiiMS released “All I Die For” last month to critical success and are excited to release the rest of the record. Accompanying the album is a video for “In Puzzles” the lead song.

8.- Trash Pals in their own words: “Love Object is a collection of songs born from grief during a time when the light was dim and the way out seemed difficult. Since then, we’ve embraced healthier ways of coping and growth but these melodies remain a testament to our journey through pain and our belief that no matter how dark the night, the sun will rise again. We hope this EP provides listeners with solace, comfort, and a place to feel all the difficulties of adjusting to change.”

9.- Libby Akerman was raised in the Cotswolds and performed at local venues from age 14. While studying Songwriting and Music Production at LIPA, Libby honed her craft and found her sound as an artist. Her strong grounding across guitar and piano, alongside her effortlessly graceful vocals, lent themselves to layers of experimentation and musical development. The culmination of “Conversations”, encapsulates the elegance of Libby’s songwriting and is a testament to her flair for music production.

I hope not only you can enjoy these artists but also remember to support them, streaming and sharing their work that obviously you can find in the Playlist Less Than 1,000 Followers, Fresh Singles, Indie Only, Alterindie State of Mind, Female Rising Stars, 12 New Songs This Week, Chill – Folk – Acoustic, Debut Bands (Off The Radar), Sickest & Dopest, Unknown but Essentials!, and Fueltronic My Brain

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Here is a guide (Playlist) with one track from each of the albums presented in this round-up:

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