Alex Lievanos “Never Gonna Lose Your Love”

“The song is about two long time close friends who just got out of a toxic relationship. They decide to go on a date and it turns out they have a lot more in common. The two eventually become a couple. This chill summer ballad is a rendition of what I went through myself, and I wanted to release it for anyone going through that same feeling”. Alex Lievanos

WOL “Friend That Never Was”

“The track was written very quickly after a fleeting encounter with a person who somehow felt strongly like a kindred spirit from another life. We never met again – and never will – but it made me think of all the people out there that might have been friends or lovers, or just of a like-mind, but who you’ll never encounter. Ships that pass in the night and all that stuff.” WOL

Diver- “Flame”

“Flame” shows how lyrics and music can interact in unexpected, fun ways. While heavy at its surface, Diver is not afraid to show their inner, sweet core. It is exactly this sort of approach to their sound that gives its unique personality and leaves us wanting more.

Presley DuYck – “Happy 22!”

“I wrote this song during quarantine. I was surprised by the many emotions that hit me when I woke up and realized that it was my ex-boyfriend’s birthday. Because we had a bad break-up, we hadn’t talked in months. It felt weird to do a social media post (felt so shallow and insincere), but it also felt weird to send him a private message (felt secretive and perhaps unwelcome.) In the end, I didn’t contact him but wrote this song instead.” – Presley

BROOKLYN FORBES – “curiosity”

“This project straddles the line between some contradictory concepts: humor and pain, criticism and empathy, independence and loneliness. This project was born out of a liminal space, reflective of discoveries made while lacking a sense of belonging, grappling for explanations or direction.” – Brooklyn Forbes

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