This Fleetwood-Mac’d style song will refresh your ears and senses with its unique groove and feel. An example of great DIY production and songwriting. Listen right now to Arson Whales brand new single: “Scene Four“.

Hello, beautiful people from around the globe! A pleasure to greet you again on this lovely day, almost ready to start the weekend! And to set us in the right mood we want to present to you the second single of this amazing band based in Northern California, Arson Whales.

A cover band that decided to create their own music back in 2020. After releasing their first single, New Isolation, the band now returns with a smooth indie-rock track that looks into the exploitation of women.

With the beautiful vocals of Linda Brancato, which hold a very natural an unique feel, the band holds strong with Brad Penner’s skipping bass, Ben Jackson’s amazing drumming, Kevin O’Shaughnessy’s vocals and guitars, and Joe Kimberlin’s backup vocals and guitars. What a complete set-up of amazing musicians, which I’m sure will have a lot to show for in the next months!

“Scene Four” feels very mysterious, with softly played guitars, steady bass and fast-paced hihats. It seems taken out of a Tarantino movie, or your favorite detective novel. With futuristic laser beams and a guitar solo, this song has a very unique taste and beat.

Influenced by The Police, David Bowie, The Beatles and indie production, the band plans to release a DIY produced EP on the Spring of 2022, and a full professionally produced album on Fall of 2022.

Truly a great start, with both singles produced, mixed and mastered by their drummer, Ben Jackson. So keep your heads up for this up-and-coming band, one that promises to be a great reveal in little time!

Find Arson Whales on InstagramFacebookTwitterTikTokSoundCloudYouTube, and Spotify.   You can also check out their official website.  If you enjoy their music and are able to provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp.

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