Illumen “Drifting Apart”

The three-piece band Illumen are back with a gut wrenching but relatable song about a seemingly inevitable separation — this is their third single, Drifting Apart’.

Made up by two talented songwriters and vocalist and frontman, Martin Radoz (his face being the only one shown in the band’s images), Illumen is a small but tight-knit band with big dreams and goals. Their name is born from one of the main purposes of the band, it being how their music illuminates the darker side of the members, bringing to the light their fears and insecurities and making people who share these sentiments feel seen and understood.

Illumen is known for heavy beats, honest and vulnerable lyrics, and a cinematic feel attached to their art. Their rich talent and sensibilities are an advantage to connect with audiences and be truthful in their music, something the anthemic trio from Stockholm, Sweden has succeeded at with their three singles. 

Drifting Apart, released on the twenty-ninth of October, is  a soft banger that empathizes with the listener while being the wake up call that some might need.  

Drifting Apart is a heavy-hitting alternative indie-rock song that makes an impact on the listener’s heart with every beat of the drum and every sorrowful piano note present in it. Its strong presence never comes off as aggressive, and instead, the instrumentals reflect the despair found in the lyrics, creating a space 

The song is essentially a refusal to let go — of those we love, what we have at the moment, and most of all, the feelings and experiences that came from them. Despite the fear and dread building up at the pit of our stomach and slowly rising up, like bile threatening to come out and ruin a delicious meal, there is a will to stand our ground and face those unpleasant sensations to keep being happy once the storm has passed. 

In Drifting Apart, Illumen perseveres in their fights against the rancour world that tries to rip away what they love. Even if it comes to a situation where they stand alone, being robbed and beaten down, there is a feeling and past that will stay with them. As the lyrics in the memorable bridge say, “you will always be a part of me, and I will always be a part of you”.

Can we truly say we’ve completely lost someone when they’re still present in our hearts? The memories that have been ingrained in our brain and the feelings that run through our blood will forever linger, until the day our mind and bodies force them away. This tragic consolation, although not the desired result of any separation, is a reminder that somewhere out there, we are also part of someone’s soul. 

At the same time, the lyrics encourage the need to change. The paradox of Drifting Apart comes from the unwillingness of losing something and the subsequent realization that in order to prevent the same things from happening, a change of behavior is necessary. It is a piece that allows for grief and sadness, yet it leads to reflection of the situation. In an unexpected way, it brings a silver lining of hope and a brighter path ahead.   

Time has never been merciful to people; it comes and goes without ever pausing, and we have no choice but to move on and leave what time has taken away from us. Illumen understands this reality and has learned to do what they can to not be left behind too. That is how the poetic and heavy-hearted Drifting Apart is able to exist.

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