Quantum – “Desperate(ly)”

The Swiss Alternative Rock quintet is back again with another single that pushes the boundaries of modern Rock music. An effective blend of metal and electronica that turns up the heat while encouraging us to live a simpler life. Listen right now to “Desperate(ly)“. Q&A at the end!

After the release of their singles Rise, Live! and Absolute, Quantum keeps reenforcing themselves with new and fresh material. Known for thinking outside of the box both musically and lyrically, the quintet is back with a new track that questions humanity’s desperate need for better, bigger, and faster things. Where will this lead us to?

Staying true to their electronica/metal approach, the band solidifies their beliefs with brutal and chaotic sentiment. Smashing its way through the noise, the single provokes a certain feeling of wonder and astonishment towards its musical effect, as well as the contrast within it.

From high to low and soft to harsh, the melodies and vocals in Desperate(ly) clash against each other to create an epic and powerful amalgamation of Rock and Metal, delivering the band’s well-known, unique, story-telling ability: What are we searching for? Is it worth it? What’s the price of living our lives to the fullest?

“We are a motley crew, which has managed to function. This is precisely what has also happened with our music, it has become versatile, modern while the roots remain distinctive.” – Quantum

Q&A Time!

1.- I’m always amazed about how you manage to blend electronica, rock, and metal. Where does the inspiration come from? What is your writing process? 

We believe it comes from being 5 people with 5 different tastes of music. Democracy reigns in our band and it works. We always try to satisfy every bandmembers musical needs. So yeah.. you kind of have to mix everything together. It wasn’t easy but with eagerness, strength and patience it worked.

2.- Why did you choose Qvantvm for your name?

Honestly, I (Domi, Bass) was smoking cigarettes back then and on the package was “QUANTUM” written somewhere. I thought that this would be a cool bandname and suggested it to the boys. They liked it to not knowing where the idea came from and here we are 4 years later. 😀

3.- Who or what are your main influences?

It’s difficult to say… One of our guitarists (Stefan) loves / lives Whitechapel and the other one (Amon) is a big fan of Avenged Sevenfold. Our drummer (Kay) has his roots in Metalcore with bands like Architects and Bring me the Horizon. I’d say that our singers (Rob) main influence is Freddy Mercury but he has influences from everywhere because he “had” to learn to scream. I (Domi, Bass) mainly listen to DnB / Jungle, Rap or Metalcore. I know.. we are a weird couple of dudes. 😀

4.- Are there any plans for a full album?

We would love to make an album but we are trying to focus on gigs. We want to play at festivals but it’s kinda hard to get in somewhere as the COVID crisis has put the concert-world on stop for 2 years. We are writing new songs but we will see how and if these are gonna be released. 

5.- Anything else you’d like to add.

We would like to thank you for your attention and for reading this article. Big thanks to the writers. 🙂

Contact us at management@quantumbandofficial.com if you want to see us outside of switzerland. 😉 

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