Nobody’s Wolf Child’s dark new single “Green Fires”

The most interesting projects nowadays are those who are not afraid of trying something completely new, and one of those is definitely Nobody’s Wolf Child. Her proposal lies in creating an audiovisual spectacle between video and music, in a way that they enhance each other in a very special way, all while maintaining an overarching story. “Green Fires” is her latest mindblowing release. Esoteric and hypnotizing, this new track is a step in an exciting new direction, music-wise and storywise, for Nobody’s Wolf Child.

Nobody's Wolf Child "Green Fires" artwork

“Green Fires” follows the release from Nobody’s Wolf Child previous saga which included the trilogy The FallThe Devil’s Gold, and Lost Among The Pines, which we recommend to listen to be up to date with the story. Her newest single innagurates a new chapter. What is interesting of Nobody’s Wolf Child is how her music transforms and develops alongside her character, giving her a new depth with each new track, allowing her to experiment with new sound with each release.

So this track was actually one of the first to be written by Nobody’s Wolf Child. It was actually the first that the Wolf Child and I finished together (I am the Producer for all this music). It really is a turning point for the Wolf Child as she is shedding her previous skin and coming out with perhaps more of an understanding to what humanity is, what it has done to the world. She’s no longer retreating into the forest.

She has found her pack and they come with her in a big way from now on. As for the next single, we haven’t got a date yet. All I can say is the video is our most ambitious yet and it’s in the process of being edited. We always like to bring big visuals but the next single is by far going to be the biggest one! -Nobody’s Wolf Child’s producer

“Green Fires” features a lush, multidepth sound that tackles the psyche of the Wolf Child. She finds herself in a darker place, and thus the music itself is darker as compared to the previous chapters. Its synths create a soundscape that allows the haunting vocals to live within them, fully expanding them and making us appreciate its rawness and honesty.

Their complex arrangements work perfectly with the tribal-like drums, hypnotizing us to our very inch. The mixture of such elements plays a role in how Nobody’s Wolf Child experiments with genres. Ambient is mixed alongside trip hop, giving us an edgier tone. But it wouldn’t be a Nobody’s Wolf Child track without the visual part of it. The feelings of “Green Fires” are further encapsulated in visual form with an endless space, with fire rising behind the Wolf Child in slow motion. Visuals metaphors abound that you can discover for yourself below!

Nobody’s Wolf Child newest single “Green Fires” expands the lore and story of her character. A new direction in which she discovers herself, we cannot wait to see what happens next!

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